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 "Caratha bhikkave carikan, Bahujana hitaya, bahujana sukhaya."

"Go forth, o monks, ........ for the happiness and well-being of all."

‘‘චරථ භික්ඛවේ චාරිකං බහුජන හිතාය බහුජන සුඛාය...”

‘‘බොහෝ ජනයාගේ හිතසුව පිණිස  ධර්ම චාරිකාවේ හැසිරෙන්න”

Sri Bodhiraja Foundation is a non-profit charitable institution established in the year 1991. Subsequently it was duly incorporated under an Act of Parliament of Sri Lanka. From its very inception, the Foundation has been actively engaged in raising both the living standards and the moral outlook of the destitute and disadvantaged and who are generally regarded in society as the have–nots, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

The moving spirit of the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation, Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobhita Thero believes that a monk's role is to work towards ensuring the happiness and well-being of all beings, both human and non–human. However, he is well aware that without the basic needs being met, there cannot be spiritual growth. Therefore he has endeavoured to improve the economic conditions and general well–being of the poor rural villagers while sharing with them his deep knowledge of the Dhamma.

Furthermore, in line with the Lord Buddha’s teachings, the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation has also extended ‘Metta’ (kindness) and ‘Karuna’ (compassion) towards other non–human living beings in our environment i.e. animals, and has been advocating and promoting the rights and welfare of the animals, especially cattle - the mammal closest and most useful to humans right through history, and possess the faculty of sense as the humans do. The Foundation is also concerned about the protection of the natural environment and wildlife, and it has taken part in a series of activities to protect nature.

The Sri Bodhiraja Foundation carries on its meritorious services through the generous contributions and backing of the public while taking steps to ensure that every cent collected will be applied into for the projects which they wish to support. Please go through below links for the details of our services.

Protection & Caring Children in need

Love & Kindness towards Elders


Passion for Animals and Nature

Delivering Dhamma locally & internationally

Education Projects

Housing & Water for the needy

Community Programmes


Founder Ven. Omalpe Sobhita Thero lives with the firm conviction that the monk's role is to serve for the happiness and well-being of all beings. Well aware that without life's basic needs, there can be no room for spiritual growth, he strives tirelessly to uplift the living standards of the rural poor while, at the same time, sharing his deep knowledge of the Dhamma with all.

The logo of the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation embodies its mission statement - to bring about the happiness and well being of the whole environment through the development of all sentient beings. This is also the ultimate goal of the practice of Buddhism.

The Bodhi tree is sacred in the Buddhist tradition, symbolic of the Buddha’s enlightenment. The logo of the Foundation comprises three Bodhi leaves. The first represents human beings, the second non-human beings and the third nature. All three are inter-dependant and closely related. The development of one has significant influence on the others and the results are mutually beneficial. As human beings, we should aim, not only for our own development, but also for the improvement of the world around us.

The three rings within the first Bodhi leaf signify the three facets of human development. The outer ring represents morality (Sila), the middle ring concentration (Samadhi), and the inner ring (Panna). A fully developed being is one who has attained development in all three aspects.  

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