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Bodhiraja International Meditation Center, Rakwana

Located on the borders of the “Sinharaja” rainforest the calm and tranquil setting close to nature, provides free meditation facilities with meals and accommodation.

People are busy with education, employment, medical treatments, social performances and many other responsibilities in their day-today-lives. Though they rarely take a rest, it is not actually to dissolve the stress but to design the future plans and to find ways and means to accomplish them. At this centre, the guests can experience a calm and quiet environment in order to purify their minds.  

Cool mountains and the lush green scenery of Rakwana that is 2400 feet above sea level, provides the ideal setting for medication which available at the Bodhiraja International Meditation Center. The meditation center was built with utmost care to preserve and blend in with the natural beauty of the area. The programmes of the center cater to both beginners and experienced practitioners. Meditation retreats for groups are conducted by experienced meditation teachers.

The main meditation hall can accommodate 60 people comfortably while it could provide comfortable lodging facilities for 40 visitors to the Center.

Bodhiraja International Meditation Center

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