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Bodhiraja Bhikkhu Training Center (Pirivena), Embilipitiya

Provides residential monastic training and education for monks (including foreign nationals) upto the secondary school Advanced Level Examination. Bodhiraja Bhikkhu Training center is registered with the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.

The curriculum at the Pirivena includes Buddhist philosophy, social sciences, history, mathematics and Sinhala, Tamil, Pali, Sanskrit and English languages. Besides learning the curriculum and religious services, the monks are also engaged in social work during their spare time. They also participate in our ‘Dharma Charika’ programme conducted by the Bhodiraja Foundation, yoga and meditation programmes. Additionally, some social and cultural activities are conducted to develop their skills and leadership.

On full-moon days (poya), more than 1500 people gather at the temple to observe the eight precepts (sil), to listen to Dhamma sermons and to meditate. It also promotes a sense of belonging to the community by drawing the villagers together. Residential monks at the Bodhiraja Bhikku Training Centre participate at these religious gatherings as well.

On completion of their education at the Bodhiraja Pirivena (Bhikku Training Center) a majority of the monks proceed to obtain their tertiary education at universities. Others return to their respective temples or to their home countries to serve the Buddhist community.

The Bhikkhu Training programme is conducted every day at 5.00 am to 10.00 pm according to a time table. The day is started with the yoga meditation and Buddhist observation. Among them the cleaning and the management are the essential parts of the day. In addition to these the novice monks are being trained to learn not merely the subject matters but extra-curricular activities needed to enhance the spiritual development of the society.