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Cattle Sanctuary, Kovul-Ara

The Kowul-ara cattle Sanctuary is situated near the Udawalawa tank on a 100acre land granted by the Sri Lanka government to the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation.

This meritorious project provides shelter for cows/bulls/calves bought from the slaughter houses and for the sick, old and abandoned cattle, including cattle that have been the subject of court cases i.e. Illicit transportation, theft etc. This is the first such establishment in its nature in the field of animal welfare. The cattle are looked after by full-time workers and administered by the local veterinary doctors.


Unfortunately, the land on which the cattle sanctuary is located is dry, arid and uncultivable, although we have attempted on many occasions to plant grass and plants which is edible to cattle. Therefore, at present, the Foundation has taken steps to purchase grass from outside for the consumption of the cattle daily which cost approximately Rs.4000/= per day.

As an alternative, we have planned to commence a project immediately, that is the planting of 1000 jack fruit trees in this land after fertilizing the pits and with 6’X6’ secured fencing until the trees grows up. This will guarantee the supply of fodder for the cattle after about five years when the trees are fully grown, and also the fruits of the trees can be used by the villagers in the area.