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Dhamma Charika Programme

With the arrival of Arahant Mahinda Maha Thero before 2300 years, the village life was organized with the religious association of the temple. The economic development was also created along with the spiritual development. If this good life was to be changed, it was only due to drifting apart from above religious association.

Buddhist monks travel in twos to remote villages on ‘pindapata’ (alms) and take part in sermons and blessings for the elders, children and the sick.

With the arrival of Arahant Mahinda Maha Thero in the country, the village life was centered around the temple. Economic development has resulted in a decrease in the spiritual development of man. At present many of the villages do not have active and organized temples hence they are facing serious issues regarding moral behavior.

Considering the above factors, this religious service is being conducted quarterly by the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation for the benefit of those rural villagers. According to the programme, first the villagers are notified about the forthcoming date and a mutually convenient date is scheduled for the arrival of the Buddhist monks. Then the monks are respectfully welcomed individually to their homes by the home owners. The monks go on ‘pindapata’ (alms) and perform blessings. Then they preach the Dhamma and conduct Dhamma discussions. As a result of these Dhamma visits, it encourages the villagers to become more religious and upright.

Most of the villagers have said that these programmes are their first ever experience of having such religious activities at their homes. The monks visit about 200 homes in each village; the isolated and of the farming communities. During each visit the children receive school books and school supplies. This heartwarming experience of being with the Monks often inspires the villagers to practice appropriate conduct, act respectfully towards their neighbors and inspires values and goodness.

Dhamma Charika Programme

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