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David Rodrigo Child Development Center, Kaduwela

A learning center for children of both genders with special needs managed under the supervision of professional psychologists and regional health officers. Everything is provided free including educational courses, learning material, food and medication which provides enormous relief for the parents of these children

This program provides services for children with special needs living at their homes to enable them to enjoy normal lives from the age group of 4 to 18 years and are unable to attend normal schools. As much as possible parents too are encouraged to take part in the programmes along with their children.  

Due to certain anti-social concepts, economic difficulties and other reasons, these children are restricted to their residence or some are even locked inside their home. The condition of such children and parents is extremely saddening. The idea in establishing this child development center was to provide relief to both the parents and the children and is a reflection on our society.

This center is established in the premises of the Cambodian International Buddhist Center in Kaduwela named after the late Mr. David Rodrigo, the original owner of the property in which the centre is housed. The manager of the Child Development Center Ven Cambodia Kassapa Thero renders invaluable service for this programme.

Devid Rodrigo Child Development Center

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