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KalabalaBindu Children Center for mischievous children, Hambantota

An after school rehabilitation center for anti-social children of both genders, that provides daily meals, counseling, training and guidance to obey adults and teachers and to develop their talents for a good cause.

In general, most teachers pay attention and focus on uplifting the standards of clever and intelligent students. Those who are backward and are slow learning stay unattended in a corner of the classroom, are neglected or sometimes punished or blamed. As they do not receive due attention from teachers and elders, they become mischievous and as a result they disobey the teachers as well as their parents. When they leave school and enter society, many of them enter a life of crime.

On the other hands, students who do not have an interest to learn the school curriculum but are skilled and talented in many other areas are neglected and disregarded. They are ready to come out with their own talents but are unfortunately not given an opportunity.

Like flowers which fall from our hands, the ‘Kalabalabindu’ Center welcomes these children and have them enrolled in a special program. This Centre is situated in the village of Sippikulama, Hambantota and helps to train about 60 children daily from 2.30 pm to 5 pm. Most of these children come from low income families of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. The training is facilitated by trained staff under the volunteered guidance of psychologists. All the parents of these children are very happy with our service as they see a change in the behavior of their children following their time at the Centre.

This is a unique concept of Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobhitha Thero, the founder of the Bodhiraja Foundation. He emphasizes that this valuable and fruitful programme should be established island-wide to assist such children and make them valuable members of society.