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Current requirements

The following are the current requirements for our ongoing services and for the projects that Bodhiraja Foundation intends to implement. You are kindly invited to take part and assist in our services, by undertaking any of the following areas as per your area of interest and means.

a) Provide a daily meal by reserving for a vacant date of the year at any of the six welfare homes, specially on occasions such as birthday, relative/family members’ death anniversary ect.

b) To repair and refurbish a dilapidated house adjoining the Visaka home which costs about Rs.2 million as it could provide accommodation to an additional 12 children.

c) It is necessary to refurbish the adjacent building and the existing home in the newly undertaken Orphan Girls’ Home in Dehiattakandiya that will cost Rs.1.5 million.

d) It will cost Rs.8 million to purchase materials to build a two storied building to expand the Bodhiraja Girls’ home (labour will be given free of charge).

e) Need a generous donation of a house with over 5 rooms in Colombo or the immediate suburbs to start a home / rehabilitation center for sexually abused children in the Western province, project will be commenced as memorial for the donor’s late relatives.

f) Need to build two (2) nursing homes at the premises of the two elderly homes (males and females) for those who are in a weak state of health and bed-ridden to prevent disturbance to other inmates, which will cost Rs.1 million each.

g) It will cost about Rs.20 million for the proposed home for orphaned children from a Tamil/Hindu culture on a land that has been donated to the Foundation in Suriyakanda.

h) Require donors for premises and building at a convenient location to provide hostel facilities for the children of mothers employed in the Middle-East and to look after their children who are vulnerable to abuse, with best care and protection at a nominal fee. As experienced they are more tendency of not pursuing school education and more victimized by abusers. This project will be commenced in memory of the donor’s late relatives.

i) Need two (2) ambulances to commence an ambulance service for the benefit of our welfare homes and lower income families in remote areas. It is noticed the patients’ illness become worse due to lack of transport to the hospitals

j) Need a donation of a land over 1 acre in the suburbs of Colombo to establish an English medium Pirivena (Bhikkhu College) for young Buddhist monks, that will convenience them for conducting spiritual programme and Dhamma preaching for international communities, which is identified as the biggest barrier among the monks. Pirivena could be named after the Donor or his late relative as desire.

k) It has become necessary to build a 10 km length secured fence surrounding the cattle sanctuary which cost about Rs.2.5 million. As we administer some cattle have been stolen by the thieves.

l) As the cattle sanctuary is located on an unfertilized dry land, there is a requirement to provide grass for the consumption of the cattle daily, at a cost of Rs.4000/= per day for the number of cattle available.

m) It will cost Rs.1.5 million to plant 1000 jack trees with 6’X6’ fencing and to maintain until growth, at the cattle sanctuary which will provide fodder for the cattle and a plant based meal for the villagers in the area. This is identified as the best and the long lasting solution for the cattle survival.  

n) Required to build the upper floor of the new building at Bodhiraja International Pre-school that will cost Rs. 28 million. Pre-school is already operated in the ground floor of this building.

o) It will cost about Rs.800,000/= to purchase a vehicle to start a mobile library for children in the area. With this service it will develop the reading tempt for the children as the library goes to their houses.

p) Required to purchase a compost fertilizer machine, small lorry and a loader to expand the composed fertilizer production to cater the ever increasing demand which will cost Rs.900,000/=.

q) We have identified many low income families having small children in remote areas not having a secured house to stay, who deserve proper shelter. It will cost Rs.1.5 million per 600sqft house.

r) Opportunity to sponsor clean drinking water projects for rural villagers.

s) You may contribute towards the purchase of a cow/bull/calf from a slaughterhouse and provide a home for them in our cattle sanctuary.