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Tree Plantation Campaings

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Tree Planting Campaigns

The Sri Bodhiraja Foundation pays special attention to planting of trees besides the roads and in public areas with the assistance of villagers and such programmes are carried out occasionally. Thereafter we maintain them until the plants are grown up. We also distribute saplings for the villagers to plant on their own lands.

The Foundation is concerned about the ever increasing deforestation in huge numbers. It is recorded that the current forest cover in Sri Lanka is less than 27%. The main causes are increased population, unsustainable development projects, illicit trade, selfish decisions of local politicians and bad policies etc. This has become an issue of national importance.

Forest and the wild life cannot be separated from human life, as it makes a big impact on human health. Pollution of the atmosphere, decrease of ground water levels, natural disasters i.e. floods and droughts are the main outcome of deforestation. If this situation continues for another few decades, life will become unbearable for mankind. Therefore, protecting trees and the environment, for animals and the future generation is an important aspect in the life of a human-being.